My Practice
As each individual has unique qualities and talents, I believe each of us has the ability to set goals for ourselves and reach those goals. Through therapy, we can free ourselves from what holds us back and keeps us from achieving what we want in life. I work collaboratively with individuals and couples towards a better understanding of themselves and their relationships, to improve communication and end conflicts. I provide individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy, pre-marital and relationship counseling. In addition, I lead groups for people who want to get more out of life and have provided training seminars for childcare staff regarding lifespan development.

I work with individuals experiencing a variety of issues including: general life stress, low self esteem, anxiety disorders (fears,  panic attacks, and obsessions), relationship difficulties (singles, couples, work-related), divorce, parenting, life dilemmas, sexual concerns, addictions, anger management, self-assertiveness, family problems, step and blended families, body image and eating disorders, abuse, trauma, and bereavement. 

I provide individual, couples and family counseling for children, adolescents and adults in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to optimize the personal growth they’re striving for.  Treatment specialization includes:
	•	Depression and Anxiety
	•	Panic Attacks and Phobia
	•	Sexual and Relationship Problems
	•	Medical and Health concerns
	•	Grief and Loss
	•	Work and Career issues
	•	Stress Management
	•	Parenting and Family Issues and Step/Blended Families
	•	Conflict Resolution

Dr. Wendy Stapen is a psychologist with specialties working with children and adolescents, couples, parenting and family issues.  Sometimes, rough patches naturally develop as children and adolescents express their needs and frustrations in ways that, rather than conveying the real issues, instead seem disrespectful, self-indulgent, or even self-destructive.  It can be helpful to talk to a professional specifically trained to listen to not only what is being said, but also to what is not being said, and to foster a healthier communication process. 
I also provide services for family members (parents, siblings) of special needs children and adolescents.
Within a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I strive to help clients achieve their personal growth.  As the practitioner, I may be the “authority” in diagnosis, but it is the client who is the authority in deciding what is most important and possible in the context of his or her life.  Rather than adopting "the practitioner is the expert and the patient will be taught" approach, my belief is that clients usually have the answers they need, and it is our job together to help find and clarify these answers.

Please contact me at 516-692-5803 or write to me at: for more information and to arrange for a free initial consultation. Your initial phone call and consultation is a way for you to decide if I am the person you would like to talk to, as well as an opportunity for me to learn if I am the right person to help you.

I would like to invite you to explore some articles on topics that may be of interest to you through the APA (American Psychological Association) at 
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