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I am Dr. Wendy Stapen, a licensed psychologist in New York City and Long Island. I have a private practice with a psychodynamic orientation, focusing on what will help to create positive experiences and changes. I have experience in providing assistance for a variety of issues that may be affecting your life.

I work with a belief in a strong mind/body connection, where healing in one sector can potentially positively impact healing in another. My specialties are family-related: parenting, step-/blended families, couples,  adolescents, and many related issues. 

To ensure the health and safety of my patients from the risk COVID-19, all appointments will be done by telephone and/or videoconferencing. 

Specialty Areas:

Individuals Adolescence Through Adult
Couples Counseling
Family Dynamics
Education Issues
Depression & Anxiety
Career Issues
Eating Disorders
Blended Families

My Philosophy

I strive to help clients achieve personal growth. As the practitioner, I may be the “authority” in diagnosis, but it is the client who is the authority in deciding what is most important and possible in the context of his or her life. Rather than adopting the “the practitioner is the expert and the patient will be taught” approach, I believe that clients usually have the answers they need, and it is our job together to help find and clarify these answers.

Dr. Wendy N. Stapen

I will help in your journey to acquire learning tools and strategies: that will re-establish trust in couples, cope with depression or anxiety, and learn to understand issues as they arise. 

30+ Years of Experience

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